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How to create great hair styles with styling tips
How To Use Your She Hair Iron

Once you've purchased your she hair styling iron you ready to give yourself beautiful hair.
Don't be nervous about using it; using it is simplicity itself.
Here's a step by step guide.

Switch on your new She hair iron, the LED power indicator will light up and warn you
your She hair iron is now heating up.

This will only take a few seconds and will soon be at operating temperature and ready for use.

To create curls, Twirls or flicks any time, Or just have fantastic looking straight hair..!
Please follow our guide below.

How to create great hair styles with styling tips

**Straight Hair.......
Clip the top sections of the hair out of the way,
as it is much easier to style smaller sections of hair.

Now begin with the underneath layers
starting as close to the roots as possible without burning your scalp,
slide the irons over the full length of hair using a gentle even pressure
from root to tip.

When this section is straightened bring down the next section of hair
and slide the iron again over the full length of hair using a gentle even pressure

Although this would appear to take a few minutes to complete
you will create professional styled finish which will not only look better
but will also last longer too.

**Styled flicks.......
Starting at the root, slide your iron over a sectioned piece of hair using a gentle even pressure
as you work towards the end of your sectioned hair
lift your iron up and out, in one motion twisting your wrist as you slide your iron to the
end of the sectioned hair, this action will leave a lovely curl in your hair looking
Just as you would expect from your professional salon.

she advanced ceramic tourmaline hair straighteners / styling irons available at your hair salon, ask your stylist for details today.

how to create great hair styles